Finally, an  series of apps dedicated to tabla players looking for the perfect riaz experience. Built by a team of passionate tabla players, web developers, and world renowned Indian Classical musicians.

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Lehra Studio Sarangi! Now Available on iTunes and Google Play

Lehra Studio Sarangi is now available on iTunes & Google Play. Download the and try it today!

Lehra Studio Pro - 100 000+ Google Play downloads!

Thank you for your support!!

Lehra Studio Pro Android has over 100 000 downloads on the Google Play Store, and we would like to thank you for all your support

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Real Instruments. Real Lehra.

An experienced team of web developers, tabla players and world renowned musicians have combined forces to create a revolution in Indian Lehra technology. Here are some of the Lehra Studio features:

Unlimited Lifetime

Purchase one of our Lehra Studio Apps to have an amazing collection of raags, taals, & instruments to enjoy for a lifetime.

Our Mission

To create stunning Indian Classical music mobile applications which revolutionise the industry, and assist musicians all over the world.

Real Lehras

The application features real live lehra from the worlds best. Instruments available are the sarangi, santoor, sarod, esraj, harmonium, bansuri and sitar

Affordable Packages

With a free 3 Day Trial on any of our our Lehra Studio apps, customers can try the app and its feature at no cost for the first 72 hours.

Great User Control

As a user, you can customise the lehra according to fine pitch control, tempo, instrument, and the lehra desired.

Super User Friendly

With our clean and modern user interface, the app is easy to use, and easy to toggle.

The World's First Real Lehra App

Kalyan Studio Apps are proud to present Lehra Studio - Lehra Applications featuring spellbinding, beautiful tabla lehra

Screenshots of Lehra Studio Sarangi

Our latest app, Lehra Studio Sarangi, boasts a retina ready user interface that is packed with which are easy on the eye, and seamless to use.

Getting Closer to Lehra Studio

Scroll down to see the closer features of the Lehra Studio's clever user interface

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Difference between Lehra Studio Pro, Ultimate & Sarangi

Our three award winning industry apps are certainly unique. Here are the differences:

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Available on iOS and Android

Lehra Studio Apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices. The app has a wide range of features which packs a punch:

  • Real Live Lehra Recordings
  • Sarangi Harmonium & Santoor and Sitar
  • Populars Modern Lehras
  • Choice Of Different Taals
  • Lehra Studio Scale Changer
  • Wide Range Of BPMs
  • Lehra Library To Last a Lifestime
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Free Email Support
  • Perfect For Tabla Riaz & Solo
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Our Team

Lehra Studio's internationally acclaimed artists make your tabla riaz an amazing experience

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Sandip Chatterjee

Santoor player

The musical talent and virtuosity exhibited by Sandip over the years have been noted through his wide range of albums. His expertise in santoor has also been utlised by music directors like A.R. Rahman, Jatin Lalit, and Gulshan Kumar. Sandips countless efforts have earned him many awards including "President of India Award", "Sangeet Ratna Award, and the "Abhinaba Kala Sanman".

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Sangeet Mishra

Sarangi Player

Sangeet Mishra belongs to the renowned Sarangi Gharana of Benaras, India. Sangeet received subsequent training and guidance under his grandfather Pandit Bhagwan Das Mishra - the internationally acclaimed Sarangi Maestro and his father Pandit Santosh Kumar Mishra.

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Allarahka Kalawant

Sarangi player

Belongs to a family of illustrious sarangi artists. Allarakha was groomed by his grandfather, Ustad Imamuddin Khan. He has performed with many artists including Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Birju Maharaj, Pandit Anindo Chatterjee and Ustad Rashid Khan

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Hiranmoy Mitra

Harmonium player

An experienced harmonium player who is based in Kolkata. He has accompanied many greatartists such as Pandit Nayan Gosh, Pandit Anindo Chatterjee and Pandit Shankar Gosh

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Sourav Ganguly

Sitar Player

Hails from a family of musicians, Sourav became a scholar in 2007, and was trained by Pandit Manilal Nag. He has been awarded the National Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India

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Aman Kalyan


Aman is a Melbourne based tabla player, and disciple of Ustad Tari Khan. He is the Creative Director and Founder of Lehra Studio, Raaga Studio and Tanpura Studio

Which apps suit your Tabla Riaz?

Lehra Studio offers a range of product packages to tailor a solution which suits your requirements

Lehra Studio Sarangi

Our newest app for Sarangi Lovers!


  • 4 World Class Sarangi Artists
  • Many Taal Options
  • 21 Different Teentaal Options

Lehra Studio Ultimate

The Amazing Ultimate Lehra Collection


  • 72 Instrument Specific Raags
  • 15 Different Taal Compositions
  • 6 Instruments to choose from

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